Michael G. Czerwinski, P.A. Environmental Consultants provides a wide range of
services to meet your environmental needs.  Please explore the links below or contact
us for more information. 
Cursory and comprehensive surveys on the presence or potential presence of Threatened and
Endangered Species and State Species of Special Concern and their habitat.  Comprehensive
floral and faunal surveys.
Providing wetland delineations in accordance with requirements of the Florida Department of
Environmental Protection  (FDEP Chapter 62-340 FAC) the South West Florida Water
Management District (SWFWMD Chapter 40D - 4 FAC) and U.S. EPA / U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers for single family lots, to large scale developments and state and local land acquisition
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments  Coming Soon!
Phase I ESA  investigation for Commercial Real Estate
Transactions.  Historical investigation for past uses and the
presence of hazardous materials or petroleum products /
contamination.  Employing EPA / ASTM Standards
ERP Permit Assistance   Coming Soon!
Providing Environmental Resource Permit Assistance (ERP) to Surveyors and Engineers and
private individuals. Including wetland mitigation design and monitoring and UMAM mitigation
Providing comprehensive gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus)
population and density surveys, relocations, design of preserves
and conservations easements, and Land Management Plans.
Resource Protection Area Assessments (RPA)  
Identifying submerged resources and submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) or grass beds within
coastal areas, lakes and rivers proposed for docks, marinas or other construction.
Wellfield Monitoring & Environmental Management Plans  Coming Soon!
WellfieldWellfield monitoring, development of environmental management plans to monitor the
impact of ground water pumpage to wetlands and other surface water systems.
Habitat Protection Plan (HPP) Development   Coming Soon!
Developing Habitat Protection and Management Plans for listed species occurring on
development projects. Some of the HPP’s produced by MGC Environmental included protection
measures for the Florida Scrub Jay, Florida Burrowing Owl, Bald Eagle, Southeastern American
Kestrel, Gopher Tortoise, Florida Mouse, Florida Gopher Frog, Osprey, Eastern Indigo Snake,
Sand Skink and the West Indian Manatee.
Lake & Water Quality Sampling   Coming Soon!
Other Services:
Aerial Photo-interpretation / Imagery Analysis / Historical Aerial Research Services
Environmental Monitoring
Wetland Mitigation Design and Monitoring
GIS Analysis
Land Cover Mapping
Sinkhole Assessment
Water Quality Assessments for Lakes and Rivers
Archaeological Studies