Sample Projects
MGC Environmental relocated mascot, "Nibbles" for Citrus Springs Elementary
Michael G. Czerwinski, P.A. Environmental Consultants (MGC) assisted with permitting, reviewed historic aerial photos, and set
a wetland jurisdictional line.
"A More Thoughtful Pointe of View"
Putting greens, Private Par 3 Golf Courses, Tee Lines, Playground Surfacing or Lawn Replacement. Harmony Pointe’s
Methodology of Understand, Design, Refine, Agree and Deliver and the use of cutting edge products, ensures your vision is
Shenandoah Habitat Management Plan for Southeastern American Kestrels, Burrowing Owls & Gopher Tortoises
Wetland Appraisal Mapping 30,000 acre Pumpkin Hill Land Aquisition Project for FDEP
Floral Park Gopher Tortoise Relocation
Annual Water Quality Report Holcim Limestone Mine
Environmental Management Plan Florida Water Services