Associate-Patricia L. McNeese, MS
Patricia L. McNeese, M.S.
Patricia L. McNeese is an ecologist and land use planner with over twenty years of experience in Florida.  Originally
from Ohio, Pat pursued a childhood dream of exploring coastal and ocean habitats.  She received a Bachelor of
Science degree with Honors in Marine Biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1982.  Soon
thereafter she pursued a Master of Science degree in marine biology, received in 1986 from the Florida Institute of
Technology.  Pat’s master’s thesis focused on the structure of juvenile fish populations in the Indian River Lagoon in
Florida.  Her professional career began as a permitting biologist with Monroe County, Florida.  Pat arrived in the
Florida Keys, an Area of Critical State Concern, as the county was grappling with critical growth issues from coastal
resource protection to hurricane evacuation.  In this challenging and fast-paced environment Pat refined her field
and site plan review skills processing hundreds of county permits including several major developments and
submerged lands projects.  In 1991 she was added as the environmental planner to the County’s comprehensive planning team and worked
on the Conservation and Coastal Elements of the county’s plan, writing extensive policy and regulatory language.  She represented the
County as an expert witness in Florida Department of Administrative Hearings proceedings involving intervenors from both the development
community and the environmental community.  Within four years of joining Monroe County Pat was promoted to Director of the
Environmental Resources Department and was able to obtain AICP planner certification based on her training and experience in coastal
Pat began professional consulting in 1994 with Lewis Environmental Services, A Florida firm specializing in habitat restoration.  There she
continued to refine her permitting skills at the local, state and federal levels.  She also gained extensive experience and knowledge in habitat
mapping, habitat restoration and natural resource management.  As an independent consultant she managed the Keys Environmental
Restoration Fund for Audubon of Florida obtaining grant funding and completing several wetlands restoration projects including infrastructure
projects.  Her services expanded to include:
-  GIS mapping of endangered species habitats,
-  ecological characterization and mitigation for seagrasses and other habitats,
-  development of rapid field functional assessment tools specific to the Florida Keys,
-  manatee watch services,
-  development of resource management tools,
-  local government planning including marina siting and habitat conservation planning, and,
-  permitting of infrastructure projects. 
-  land use and community planning
During her recent three years with the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores Pat added to her project management and public
involvement skills with numerous education and demonstration projects and the development of web site material.  She also continues to be
successful with grants for environmental education and energy savings projects.