MGC was approached by John Kilduff, Structural and Mechanical
Foreman of the Citrus County School Board on or about May 27,
2008.  He explained to us they were trying to remove a portable
classrooms and install new portable classrooms, but there was a
small gopher tortoise that had dug a burrow under one of the
portables.  The children and teachers had "adopted" and named
the gopher tortoise "Nibbles".  Nibbles would go out in the day
and eat and watch the kids, seemingly without a care in the
world.  As you can see in the photos, 2nd graders were present
and watching as Nibbles was successfully relocated to an area
that was silt screened off until the School District could
complete moving the portables. 
MGC Environmental relocated mascott,
"Nibbles" for Citrus Springs Elementary