Andrew Holland
Andrew Holland began his career at  Michael G. Czerwinski,
P.A., Environmental Consultants as an intern in January 2006. 
He was awarded his degree by University of Florida in
Gainesville, Florida in May 2006.  Andrew received full time
employment with MGC Environmental in May 2006 after
receiving his Bachelor of Science degree.
Project Related Experience:
Homosassa Phase V Wastewater Collection System
Infrastructure for Citrus County BOCC. (2006) Supplied
Tampa Bay Engineering Group with pertinent wetland location
information for the planning and engineering of a wastewater
collection system in Homosassa, FL.  Wetlands within the study
area were identified, described and mapped.  A series of GIS
maps were created to document the locations of wetlands that
may be impacted by the placement of underground utilities. 
 Section 16 Lake Water Level Monitoring, Biological and
Hydrologic Assessment for Rainbow Springs Utilities.  (2006) Assisted with the scope and
methodology of an Environmental Management Plan required by SWFWMD Water Use Permit to assess
wetland water level trends at Section 16 Lake located in the Villages of Rainbow Springs in southwestern
Marion County.  Established a 250 foot transect and a water level staff gauge to monitor vegetation and
hydrologic conditions from the open water lake to upland habitat.  Hydrologic and vegetative data was
collected and analyzed along the transect.  The data will be used to determine the environmental effects,
if any on Section 16 Lake, resulting from a nearby public supply well owned and operated by Rainbow
Springs Utilities.  A biological monitoring assessment report is currently being developed which analyzes
the hydrologic and vegetative results.
Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation and Regulatory Agency Inspection.  Performed aerial photo-
interpretation, soils assessments, and field reconnaissance to accurately map jurisdictional wetland limits
for numerous residential lots and developments.
Biological Inventory and Habitat Assessments, Gopher Tortoise Surveys, Gopher Tortoise Incidental Take
Permit and Gopher Tortoise Relocations for numerous clients including Manko Company, Saratoga South,
Citrus Springs Unit 24, Emerald Hills Ventures Ranch Estates, Rainbow Springs Tract F, Citrus County
BOCC, Hernando County DPW and Utilities, and Citrus County School Board.  Evaluated habitat and
likelihood of occurrence or presence of listed species, mapped land use / land cover, wetlands,
topography, and soils.
Floral and Fauna, Listed Species and General Wildlife Assessments. (2006) Performed general as well as
species-specific plant and animal surveys and habitat assessments for numerous small to large public
and private development tracts and public lands.  Methods used include habitat mapping and
assessment, pedestrian or vehicular surveys, burrow surveys, cavity tree vigils.  Biological assessment
reports were written to document results.  Obtained special purpose incidental take permits from the
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.